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EmilyMy name is Emily and I would like to be a part of this because I feel like people with disabilities should be recognized. A lot of times when someone is disabled they get turned away from modeling, jobs, relationships, etc. I feel that it is important to recognize those with disabilities. We are just like anyone else , there should be no discrimination. I also have a boyfriend which would shock a lot of people because often people look at a young girl in a wheelchair and wonder how could she ever have a relationship? Showing the world that even though a young girl or a young man is in a wheelchair does not mean they won't find love and happiness. If I had to have one person in the photo shoot with me it would probably be my boyfriend to represent Young love in a wheelchair and how it does exist

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Description:    Young couple on a date in a city park
Keywords:    2 2 people 20-25 years 20s Adult Affectionate Bonding Care Caucasian Caucasian Appearance Caucasians Dating Day Full Length Photoability SCI Spinal Cord Injury Togetherness Vertical access accessibility accessible action adult couple adult couples adult man adult men adult woman adult women adults affection black and white black and white image black and white images bond caring couple couples date dates day time day-time daylight daytime disabilities disability disabled female female adult female adults footpath footpaths full body garden garden footpath garden footpaths garden path garden paths gardens gaze gazing handicap handicapped handicaps healthcare hug hugging hugs inclusion inclusive look looking love loving male male adult male adults man man and woman men men and women motion movement moving natural light outdoor outdoors outside outsides paralyzed park parks path paths pathway pathways people physically challenged quadriplegic quadriplegics romance romantic two two people verticals walkway walkways wheelchair wheelchairs woman women

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Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers