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AlfonsoMy name is Carmen Joachim, I'm 18, and was hit by a jet ski on July 14, 2009 by my boyfriend at the time. This accident proved how strong of a woman I am, how independent I like to be, and how I never give up in anything that I do. I'm a people-person and have many amazing friends. Swimming is my passion and I love to be in, around, or near water. Being alive is a beautiful thing in this world, and I love how photography can capture that for you; to remind you how you felt in that exact moment. My plans are to start college and work my way towards pursuing something in the medical field. My dream would be to find a cure for paralysis and be able to walk again.

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Media Ref #    SB-BQBUWGG
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Copyright:    2015 George C Anderson
Last Modified:    10/14/2015
Added Date:    10/14/2015
License Type:    Rights Managed
Media Type:    Image
Release Status:    Model Release  
Black & White:    No
Orientation:    Horizontal
Description:    Two young women enjoying a sunny afternoon in a riverside park
Keywords:    2 2 people 20-25 years 20s Adult Caucasian Caucasian Appearance Caucasians Columus Communication Day Discussion Full Length Horizontal Midwest OH Ohio Photoability Side View Talking U.S. U.S.A. US USA United States United States of America access accessibility accessible action adult woman adult women adults bank banks bridge bridges color image color images colour image colour images communicate communicating conversation conversations day time day-time daylight daytime disabilities disability disabled discussions female female adult female adults full body handicap handicapped handicaps healthcare horizontals inclusion inclusive listen listening motion movement moving natural light outdoor outdoors outside outsides park parks path paths pathway pathways people physically challenged river river bank river banks riverbank riverbanks rivers riverwalk riverwalks shore shores side views sightsee sightseeing speak speaking speech talk tourism tourist tourists travel two two people vacation walkway walkways water wheelchair wheelchairs woman women

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