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Deborah DavisHey, I'm Kanya. YES!.. I have NO LEGS! :O but I do many sports. I do track, mono skiing, skateboarding, sled-hockey, surfing, swimming, basketball, tennis and water skiing. I love mono-skiing and being up at Hoodoo a lot, Timberline and really want to go to Mt. Bachelor! I love the snow and the hot summer sun, 'cause I love skateboarding, dry, warm weather is the best for skating. I established my slogan "no legs no limits" from when I was just 12 years old, now starting my own slogan designer clothing street-alternative wear, I also have started my own website This site shows others, about people with some sort of different kind of disability, to either in a wheelchair, blind, uses prosthetic, has no limbs that does different kind of extreme actions sports with many unique talented lifestyle, from skateboarding, surfing, mono skiing x, snowboarding, chairskating and many more. We do it all. No matter what kind of ability we have, we get out their, do our thing and show what we got, because we aren't afraid to be us. That's my life.

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