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Our Models

PhotoAbility believes there is a market and a need for opportunities that will be inclusive of individuals with a disability in modeling and acting roles.

Wheelchair or mobility device users or those with a noticeable disability, with your help, CAN demonstrate that powerful editorial, commercial, lifestyle or creative images can be created that reflect the beauty of "Inclusivity".

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Our models (to be a PhotoAbility Model see below) will work with you to give you need to make great work for your next project with as many poses and shots as you can let’s be creative!

If you are inspired to partner with a company who represents a segment of a diverse population inclusive of persons of all ages and abilities, PhotoABility can help you find the inspiration, present the concept to your clients, and/or find a the right model. So let's work together! PWD’s (Persons With Disabilities) need to be seen and recognized for their talent, beauty, abilities and economic impact!

All we need are creative, artistic and inspired photographers who are willing to hire or work with a differently abled model.

Now, we have been told before that specific requests for a" Model/Actress in wheelchair" are rare. Yet, it is possible upon seeing the work created by you and posted in the PhotoAbility photo library, that clients may start to see that including models with disabilities into their ad campaigns is a viable and financially beneficial choice as it will speak volumes to this underestimated segment of the market. Or even better, "a light bulb may go off", and they may see the disability as an interesting choice they had not considered.

Recently more and more individuals with disabilities have been visible in the Media:

Additionally, the many movies and other television shows that include disability in their story lines is indicative that this is a new wave that is be sure to be on the ride!

Be a part of this growing and important trend to showcase individuals of all abilities in print, media and television by considering working with a talent who is willing and able to take on this challenge and forge a new path together.

"There are an estimated 650 million persons living with disabilities in the world today. If one includes the members of their families, there are approximately 2 billion persons who are directly affected by disability, representing almost a third of the world's population."

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2008)

Be a Model: Submit a photo in Our “Win a photo shoot” contest”; or Submit a photo(s) that you feel are marketable and earn commission on each sale, in our Photo Library.

Be a photographer: Volunteer to develop the portfolio of one of our models for TFP option (photos will be featured in library with commission paid to you for sale) by filling out our Model Casting Inquiry; Upload photographs you have already taken or will take featuring individuals with disabilities in our FILE UPLOAD FACILITY for professional photographers or for casual photographers in our Easy Upload form, or contact us to discuss a casting call for your next project!

Model Casting: Models featured on this site may be available for casting in your next photo shoot!

You have seen our photos and are now inspired to do your own shoot. You want to create an image shot on your location or property, or to represent your message or product.

You require a model and have found a few on our site that may suit your needs.

Next step is to Contact us with your requirements, and we will get the ball rolling!*

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