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"A Paralyzed Life" - Photo Shoot Project

In partnership with Rachelle Friedman & PhotoAbility.net
To benefit Funding and Research for SCI and its related Issues
and to
Promote the Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities in Media and Advertising


The creative concept is to demonstrate through images the issues that are affecting those individuals with paralyzing disabilities. Rachelle and many others like her who experience a traumatic injury quickly realize the disability is often not the biggest challenge they must overcome.

The photos in this gallery conceptualize these hardships by illustrating a photo juxtaposition showing a positive and negative reality. What should be and what currently is and how they look and feel

This developing gallery will showcase the following core issues

  • Lack of needed Medical/Healthcare funding for medical supplies and equipment such as lightweight custom wheelchairs:
  • Lack of access to specialized healthcare providers, Medicaid/Medicare cuts, and facilities that are not accessible:
  • Structural accessibility and Inclusive design:
  • Employment
  • Lack of Handicapped parking and Enforcement:
  • Romantic Isolation and loneliness due to misconceptions and bias as to sexuality and partnership potential:
  • Need for Funding for SCI Research/Cure/Pain Management:
  • Housing/Nursing Homes:

Images will be added to the Project Gallery as completed. If you are interested in being a model or photographer for this project, please contact deborah.davis@pushliving.com

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Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers