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Behind the Scenes of a PhotoAbility Photoshoot

It’s All Business in Huntington, New York with Photographer Robert Mitchell and Model Brian Pinkow


Photographer: Robert Mitchell
City: Huntington Station
Website link:
Model: Brian Pinkow

This shoot was a bit of a slow starter, as even the best intentions; sometimes just don’t come to fruition. In this case, we wanted to do a “Guy in an Irish Pub” theme, since Brian is a handsome young man who would normally be out socializing with friends and talking to beautiful young women around local establishments. However, not all aspects of this shoot ran smoothly, and it proved difficult to get the owners and operators of these great city landmarks to allow the shoot to take place.

Ultimately, we ditched our ideas after months of trying to make this shoot work. We decided to focus on “street scenes” that ended up blowing us all away!  In a tailored “Mad Men” look, Brian was perfect in conveying the urban high fashion model that could grace any modern men’s magazine. We would love to see a major advertiser pick these images to represent their product line or services.

Shoot Theme and Characteristics:

Gray backdrop, wall museum. Business backdrop in the city, trees at Heckscher Park. Village with Huntington-implied businessman, checking watches, phones. Morning shoot.

Interview with Photographer Robert Mitchell:

What was the biggest challenge of the shoot?

On this shoot, working directly under a bright sun was the biggest challenge.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of this project?

Capturing great images of Brian was really enjoyable. I love photographing people. All people.

What is your hope for how these images could be used to promote a more Inclusive World?

I’d love to see these images used in mainstream advertising and marketing campaigns.

What would you do differently?

I might have chosen to work in the late afternoon, as the golden hour was approaching. Not only would the light have been better, but it would have been ten degrees cooler.

Any interesting tidbits/stories from the shoot?

Brian’s mom was with him on the shoot and at the end of the shoot, she wanted me to use her cell phone to take a photo of her and her son, Brian. I was standing there holding my camera and we were still set up from the last series of images. I asked her to stand next to Brian and I took a beautiful portrait of the two of them, and once I got back to my studio, I edited that image and sent it to Brian to share with his mom. Taking that photo and seeing his mom’s reaction was so gratifying.


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