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What if you could take a 2 week vacation anywhere in the world of your choice with FREE accommodation and a vehicle provided?  All you had to pay for was the airfare to get there!  Well, this is a very real possibility with Home Swapping or Home Exchange websites such as http://www.homeforexchange.com/,  http://www.homeexchange.com/show.php?id=310089

Unfortunately, while it is possible to select search criteria for “wheelchair friendly”, most do not know what that means or will not select in cases where they may actually be fairly accessible i.e. few steps or bedroom on first floor.  Believe me, just on vacation rental sites, you could waste hours trying to search through photos and writing to get the information you need to see if it would even be a possibility. Not everyone has the same needs of course, some will only needs bars in bathroom or a shower chair rental, some may need a raised toilet seat, and the ability to get through a bathroom door with chair.  All chairs have different widths and turning radius.  Sounds daunting, but this is very doable with the right search questions, and detailed information asked and provided by those who register their homes on these sites. Will they do it?  Probably not, as like many mainstream websites, they do not see the value in the numbers of people with disabilities who travel. They do not recognize the lost potential, not only of the person who has a disability, but their accompanying families as consumers. This is a lost opportunity for them and for individual and families with disabilities to participate in the wonderful world of home exchange.

Travability Properties provides a excellent resource for you to find accessible swaps, rentals, sales and vacation rentals throughout the world. 

Become a Property Owner Member:- Allows you to purchase a membership plan to list your vacation / rental or sale property for a period of  12 months for $49.  Your property will also be listed at no additional charge on our affiliate site wheelchairtraveling.com

TravAbility Properties is a division of PUSH Living - a travel, leisure and lifestyle enterprise.