How it Works

Travability Properties provides an excellent resource for you to find accessible home swaps, short and long term rentals*, and homes for sale throughout the world.


TravAbility Properties is a membership based system. It is free to browse our property listings and to inquire on a member listing. In order to list you property you must purchase our subscription plan and register as an agent in our system.



Become a Property Owner Member:- Allows you to create a membership plan to list your vacation / rental or sale property for a period of  12 months. Currently this plan is free.


Register your home for a  Home Exchange/Swap for Free!


Joining is easy by following these steps:

  1. Click login/register and select new account TYPE:.
  2. You will have two subscription options: Rentals/Sales or Exchange
  3. Once you have completed the form you will be sent an email with an activation link. Once that link is clicked you will be taken to the login page.
  4. Click on the “add your property tab” and you will be able to fill in all of the details for your property including its accessibility features. There is essential accessibility data that is mandatory as well and other desirable information to enhance your listing. You will also find fields to add information on your local area and accessible attractions and facilities.
  5. Finally upload up to 12 images
  6. You may go back and edit your information at any stage by selecting the "manage your property menu option"


Benefits of Joining TravAbility Properties!


Our property page has been custom built to include detailed accessibility data both for your property and for the local area. Take your time to gather all of the information in the property forms provided.

  1. We personally contact each of our listings to qualify their listing and help them to best feature their properties and accessibility features.
  2. We provide sample agreements for you to use with your swap partner or you can design your own.
  3. Use our Map search feature to help you pin point where in World homes are listed and  start to think outside the box and dream of the possibilities!
  4. And then there is the Money back guarantee.  If you do not rent or sell your  home within your subscription time period,  your renewal listing is free for the next year!

*Rentals agreements and home purchases are the responsibility of the parties involved and we recommend you do all appropriate research and seek proper legal counsel for these transactions