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What is PhotoAbility?


PhotoAbility is dedicated to increasing the usage of imagery of people with disabilities in the tourism, leisure and lifestyle mediums by providing high quality stock photos.
Photographers and models with disabilities are invited to submit their photos for inclusion and portfolio hosting in our library. All photos selected will earn commission on each sale.
Our customers are advertising agencies, direct marketing and graphic design agencies, corporations, publishers and media companies, small to medium sized businesses, as well as consumers.

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PhotoAbility is now available for your Photo Contributions!

You earn commission on all sales!

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Your photograph(s) can be used in marketing, media, and advertising campaigns used by such entities as resorts, cruise lines, vacation properties, travel venues, home communities, tourism bureaus, lifestyle products, corporate employers and more! Media and advertising professionals, web/graphic designers, as well as small and large companies will purchase photos from stock photo libraries to represent their or their client's message and image. We want you to be a part of our vision and the growing movement toward inclusive representation.

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Win a FREE Photo Shoot with PhotoAbility !

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Sign up for a chance to WIN a Free Professional Photograph Shoot at a location convenient to you!

If you have a visible disability, we want you to be a part of our new Commercial Photo Gallery available for advertisers, public relations/marketing professionals, web/graphic designers, and savvy companies who want to incorporate images of diversity and inclusion into their media and print campaigns.

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The Reviews on PhotoAbility are Rolling In....

"There is an underlying feeling of subconscious exclusion toward people with disabilities which is pervasive in our society. My feeling is the subconscious exclusion is, in part, due to outdated images of people with disabilities. Photoability is creating a shift from subconscious exclusion to conscious inclusion with updated images of people with disabilities that are reflecting the truth about disability, that it's only another life experience. And experiences in our live always expand our possibilities. Photoability is expanding every ones possibilities!"

Candace Cable
Competitive Athlete/Gold winning ParaOlympian · Jan 1979 to May 2006

"As a photographer with a disability, and as a marketing/PR person who is constantly needing photography, I know all to well how rare it is to find quality photos related to disabilities. A site that specializes will be a valuable resource."

Loren Worthington

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We appreciate that finding the right image is so important.
Use our Custom Photo Search and we will try to source it or create it to your specifications.

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